Welcome to TBP Geo

TBP Geo will use Modern Marine technologies (UHR 2D / 3D / 4C Seismic, CSEM, OBN and others) – ideal for mapping of New Oil & Gas Reservoirs and water reservoirs; and for accurate Monitoring of existing and currently producing Oil & Gas and Water Reservoirs.
We will maintain a key focus on the current ongoing international Energy Transition and its related requirements.

Chairman Bjørn Ursin-Holm

Mr. Ursin-Holm has worked in the oil and gas business since 1972, working on international assignments throughout the world, in top positions in Exploration & Production companies and in Oil Service companies.

CEO Trond Christoffersen

Mr. Trond Christoffersen has worked in the energy business since 1981, working on geophysical and exploration projects globally in senior positions.

The right vessel and equipment

Decades of experience and collaboration form the basis of our network which enables TBP Geo to provide the right vessels for each project from high end 3D, through UHR 2D/3D to site investigations and geochemical sampling.

Imaging for success and safety

The goal for all our projects is generating the right information in an efficiently usable form. Whether it is for oil and gas exploration, water reservoir mapping, hazard identification for installations or environmental studies.

Multi Client

The management of TBP Geo has initiated and managed milestone Multi Client projects on all continents.

«TBP Geo’s strategy is to leverage decades of experience and partnerships to bring the best to our clients in an energy industry in transition» Bjørn Ursin-Holm